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Pastries, Pies, Cookies

We only use dark semi sweet Chocolate, sweetened whipped cream, creamy custards and fresh seasonal fruits to create our European Pastries. We also serve up an American line of pastries made with seedless Raspberry filling, fresh roasted nuts, creamy Butter, pure Cream Cheese, and Cinnamon. Our pies are made from crisp farm fresh or high quality frozen fruits (never canned or manufactured fillings) based on the seasonal availability.

Italian and French pastry- Cannoli, Sfogliatelle, Pastacroce, Chocolate Eclairs, Fresh Fruit Tarts, Hazelnut Fruit Flan, Whipped Cream Puffs, Triple Chocolate Mouse Tarts, Napoleans, Baba au Rum, St Joseph Zeppole and Sfingi.

American and European Pastry - German Apple, Cherry and Pineapple Cheese Struedel, Fudge Brownies, NY Style Cheesecakes, Turnovers, Elephant Ears, Rugelach.

Pies - Apple, Peach Berry, Blueberry Butter Crumb with Lemon Glaze, Apple Crumb, Pumpkin, Coconut Custard, Banana/Chocolate Cream, Apple Cranberry Pecan Caramel, Key Lime,.

Cookies - Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, M & M, French Style, Sugar Free